Just started running again about a month and a half ago. I have bought a number of shoes in that same time period and would love to talk about them.

I started with the Nike vomero 6s and asics nimbus 11s. Though they are in the same category of shoe type they feel quite different. The vomeros cushioning feels more cushy but bouncy at the same time. The nimbus feels more consistent as it is a former but very comfortable ride.

Both shoes are amazing so I wanted to get a few more pairs. I love the vomero but found them too cushy feeling. I liked the firmness and feel if the nimbus.

So I ventured off to find more nimbus 11s. Unfortunately, they had been discontinued at my local running stores. However I had the luck to get the nimbus 12s for a great price. Picked up 2 pairs and a pair of Saucony Triumph 8s. The nimbus 12s are even more amazing than the previous iteration. A better feel in all; it is more snug in the forefoot and toe box and the heel feels more secure. The gel in the 12s are activated quicker; the 11s took awhile to feel good. The triumphs have a smaller heel to toe drop but feel great as well.

In all I love all my shoes and how they have unique characteristics and feel that I love.

I will be blogging more about each shoe specifically as I gain more miles in each.

Cheers for now.



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