My first 5 Miler

Naturally, since I’ve started running I have slowly tried to increase my mileage. I didn’t really have a set program nor did I actively aim for certain goals each time I ran. Sure, I would try to run as long as I could but that was about it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I was running without a rhyme or reason, but I didn’t follow anything strictly.

Yesterday, I experienced my first real “Runner’s High”. Today, I jumped on that positive feeling and decided to do an extra run; I went to the gym earlier in the morning and did my warm up cardio. I thought my second run of the day would be a short run-my usual mile or two. But surprisingly it turned into my “long(est) run’ to date-a 5.25 miler. Needless to say I was quite happy. My legs didn’t feel too tired, and again I only stopped because of time constraints-this time I had yet to eat dinner and it was getting late. Actually, I am writing this post while making dinner-it’s currently 10pm! For my last few runs I have been using the Saucony Hattori’s and for this long run I decided to switch back to an old friend-the Asics Nimbus 12. My strategy of using the Hattori more for foot strengthening is working I think because today’s run felt almost effortless.

I guess you can say I am a perfectionist and once I get my mind on something, I usually set out to do and perform at that specific duty or thing to the best of my abilities. I have found that I am constantly reading forums and blogs about running and slowly I have been picking up and trying out new things to enhance my running. It started with switching my form to forefoot striking and today I focused more on my breathing; I used my diaphragm more and tried to time my breathing with my strides in a 2:2 ratio (inhale for two strides and exhale for two strides). These things I have implemented have worked great and I think my run today has benefited as a result.

I hope to set out and run tomorrow for a longer time. We will see what happens.

Onward an upward!


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  1. Congrats on your run! You’ll find that once you get past the first mile, you’ll find your groove – and you’ll start to just lose yourself in your run (meaning you’ll probably run farther than you planned more often). Just goes to show that your body is much stronger than you expect if you turn off the “can’t” in your mind 🙂

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