The morning after

I know what you may think-and no, this isn’t about the morning after a bender, nor is it the morning after an irresponsible “one night stand”. Speaking to the latter, I’m very happily engaged to my soon to be wife, Kristyna. This isn’t a post about any of that, it’s about the morning after my long run.

It may have been only a 5 mile run, but hey, it was my longest run to date. Again I woke up today to drop my fiancée off at work. I made coffee for the pair of us and strapped on my running shoes for an early morning workout. I felt good this morning; I wasn’t sore at all from last night. This was encouraging. After I dropped off my fiancée I made the trek to the gym.

I’m still on my second phase of my 12 week workout. I busted out a warm up on the bike to loosen me up. I then did my weight training. I was contemplating not running after it but something inside me said, ” Why not?”

I log my workouts on my phone and quite often type in what I’m going to do for my activity beforehand so as to give me a goal. I aimed for a 15 minute wind down run at a slow pace. 15 minutes came and went and my body was still yearning for more exercise. So, I went ahead and finished another 15 minutes. I don’t know if I’m rushing into things-I read somewhere that you should only increase your mileage about 10% a week. Lately, my mileage has seen an exponential increase. This may be attributed to my change in form and new focus on breathing. But I don’t think that’s it.

Unlike the aforementioned “morning after” scenarios, this “morning after” brought on no guilt at all. In fact, it brought more will and enthusiasm. I’m coming to realize that this healthy lifestyle thing has a snowball effect. My want and might I dare say “need” to be more fit and healthy has evolved from a tiny nugget of hope that I will look better into an avalanche of knowing that health is my life.

This blog has been helpful to me as well. It puts my words out to the public. And I find it an obligation now to follow through and be active and be a better person internally and externally. Journaling has always interested me and I suppose I’m striving for a better sense of myself. Hence, my entry into the blogosphere and new found commitment to health.

Onward and upward!!!


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