Midnight run

I do not know why but I decided to go for a midnight run-technically I started running at 1 am but still. No, I am not an insomniac. What makes this run crazier was the fact that I did it while on break from work. Let me tell you, the air during this time was amazing. I felt as if very very high quality oxygen was entering my lungs propelling me onward with it’s energizing powers. Like most of my runs, my legs felt dead in the beginning. But after about 2 miles I hit my stride. I ran around Vancouver with no real route planned. I took a few lefts and a few rights. Made a few loops, went up hills, went down some. A pretty helter skelter kind of run. I had no real goal for the run. I just felt good after 2 miles so I just kept going. At about the 3.5 mile mark I decided to go for a goal of 6.2 miles (or 10Km).Previous to this my longest run was 5.25 km.

I posted earlier about wondering if I should enter a 10k in October. I finally got some people from work to give me a tentative “yes”. I think this hyped me up and caused me to run this 10k at 1 in the morning. I took it slow at first…I think the first few miles were at 10:30-10:45/mile pace. Then after about mile 4 I cranked it up a bit and ended up with an average speed 9:45/mile. I finished the 10K at just over 1 hour.




I guess I am going to do that 10K. Hopefully my training goes well.


Onward and Upward


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