Running is H.A.T.E.

Running is HATE. No, I do not hate running and running is not another word for hate. Rather, running to me is now Honoured As The Experience.

As my endurance and speed grows I am now better able to enjoy my beautiful city much more than in the past. Vancouver is full of great majestic landscapes and quite often I, like many Vancouverites, take our own backyard for granted. We go in vacations to warmer destinations that offer beautiful beaches- my counter is Kits beach, Lacarno, English Bay, or Spanish Banks. And what happens when you look due east? You see our beautiful skyline.

You go to places like Los Angeles to experience shopping and a chance to gaze at stars. The bad side of this is that infamous LA smog. My counter is Robson Street, Main street, or 4th Avenue. Considerably less smog here. That means cleaner air and more desirable “hot” weather.

Vancouver is so beautiful that you just get spoiled over time. You drive to work over the downtown bridges and you forget to really take in the majesty and complexed beauty around you. It’s the perfect mix of nature and metropolis. Yin and yang.

I usually on really fall in love with our city during big events or when I return from a vacation. When you go away you become used to the same flat beaches, palm trees and hot climates of the tropics. When you return to Vancouver you see huge mountains, breathe fresh air, and feel “just” right in our dynamic weather. You are immersed in many diverse cultures, eat such different foods, and are engulfed by our eclectic landscape. But, since I started running around my fine city, I have begun to fall in love with it more and more each day. Running has allowed me to reconnect with myself and reconnect with my environment. It is starting to enable me to truly take in and experience my amazing city.

Running is Honoured As The Experience.

Onward and Upward.


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