File this under “problem”? Or part of the territory?

It’s been about 2 months since I started running. I used to just incorporate it into my gym routines but now find that I am running about the same amount as I weight train.  The more runs I do, the stronger I get. My endurance grows and so does my speed. I mean, I have always had speed-I used to run sprints in high school but the endurance has caught me by surprise. I am seeing more of my city. I am learning more about myself. All great things just from simply placing one foot in front of the other.

I mentioned before that I was somewhat of a perfectionist and a borderline OCD type when it comes to an activity that I am serious about. In high school it was Basketball. Wake up-think about basketball. At school-think about playing basketball. After school-basketball practice. At home-watch basketball and research about all things basketball. Now, as of late I have turned to running and fitness. I am always looking up on the internet ways to better myself as a runner. Looking at new technology, new training tips, and new gear in hopes of getting faster and more fit.

I mentioned before that I was a  shoe fanatic. And, “unfortunately”, this has only grown worse with running. There is a plethora of information out there regarding best running shoes and best running styles. I have recently jumped on the minimalist shoe bandwagon-I started with the Saucony Hattori’s and recently purchased a pair of Kinvara 2’s. Before that I had Vomero 6’s and Nimbus 11’s that I rotated for the past year and a half; remember I mainly ran as a warm up for my weight training sessions. Those shoes have no been relegated to my work shoes. My experience with the Nimbus 11’s were good so I picked up two pairs of Nimbus 12’s and for the hell of it decided to try Saucony Triumph 8’s. What can I say they were on for such a great deal at my running retailer I could not resist.

So, here’s a breakdown. Hattori’s-Love. Kinvara-Love. Nimbus 12 (x2)-Love. Triumph’s-Love. What can I say? I now know and have decided that specific shoes will play different roles in my training. Hattori and Kinvara for speed work. Then the more traditional cushioning shoes (Nimbus and Triumph) will be for my long runs. And get this…I just ordered Brooks PureFlow’s and Nike LunarSwift 2+ online. That’s 7 pairs of shoes in the last 3 or so months!!! Granted they were all way below MSRP, but still. This is a problem right?

What do you guys think? Should I settle with one or two go to pairs of shoes? I definitely think for speed work I will use minimalist shoes and for long runs I will stick to more cushioned shoes. I am a neutral runner who strikes mid-forefoot, BTW. Do you think I am still in the “trial and error” period?-I think that is the answer as I am very “green” as a runner.

So here is the question…

File this under “problem”? Or part of the territory?

Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.

Onward and Upward!!!


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