A weird run brought to you by NASA technology

After work today I came in to my house to come home to a very nice surprise. On the bench by the doorway lay a pair of new LunarSwift 2’s that I had ordered a week or so ago. I had originally planned to run anyways and, of course, excited by the arrival of my new shoes, I decided to take them for a spin. 

Straight off they looked kind of big. It might have been the color, red; they reminded me sort of like clown shoes but much more stylish. I slide them on and tightened the laces as I do with all my running shoes- not too tight and not too loose. Weird, they felt like the heel were slipping but the toe room was similar to all my shoes. I tightened them more before I went out for a run. 

First impressions for the first few steps. Stiff but responsive. This is my first venture into Lunar technology and I realize they are mainly more supportive. I come from more neutral cushioning shoes/minimalist shoes. I ran on and hit a patch of gravel that had uneven terrain. I thought great, stiff shoe! It’s gonna be a hard ride in there. Ran through it with a more flexible than expected ride. Flexible, but supportive.

When I hit about the mile point I noticed my feet started aching. New technology or poor lacing? Initially, I noticed that the lacing pattern of this shoe was pretty simplistic. I honestly think it could have benefited by adding another set of eyelets on top or at least a double eyelet at top loop. The shoes just didn’t feel locked in. I loosened my shoes and trekked on. No more aching. And oddly enough, at the end of my run the heel and the shoe in general felt more snug on my foot. 

Truthfully for most of this short run (only 3 miles) I was more concerned about how the shoe felt and when this happens, I usually suffer time wise. Between my re-lacing, achy feet, and preoccupation on feel, I definitely thought my time would suffer. I know I said that the shoe felt stiff yet responsive. But, if you could imagine, even while being responsive I still felt as if I was going slow. Surprise, Surprise! I actually finished my 3 mile jog in under 30 minutes (26:45 to be exact). Usually during my first run in a shoe I take it slow and I have generally ran, for my first few runs in a new shoe, 9:30-10:30 minute miles just to break them in.  Surprisingly, I went a lot faster and didn’t feel any worse than usual. Could be the shoe, and it could be my attention to speed work as of late. But nonetheless, something to take note of. 

During my run, I liked the feel but didn’t love it. I am used to more flexible shoes. Though stiff, they were responsive and gave the feeling of a bounce back. Just by the results of my first run, I think I should pay more attention to the lunar line, or at least this pair that I have now. 

In summary. LunarSwift 2. Stiff but responsive. Felt slow but performed fast. Felt loose initially, tightened the shoe, felt too tight, loosened the shoe then felt snug by the end of the run. 

Lunar foam was developed by NASA and this shoe is definitely “alien” to me. The dynamic support definitely kicked in. The shoe seemed to just self correct itself. I hope to really break these in and hit their “magic” phase where I am sure I will fall in love with these shoes.

Onward and Upward


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