Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Back in black

Wow! I’ve been inactive for over two months- atleast in the blogosphere. Don’t worry I’ve been running still. However, it’s been kind of rough as of late.

My last post was pre-wedding. My last run before the wedding was my fastest 10k to date. Running free into a life of happiness. I was “running” to the altar!

Since then I’ve been a bit more lazy. After the wedding came the honeymoon. We were in Hawaii and it was great. Unfortunately, I only ran once in the two weeks that we were there. Needless to say, I gained some lbs back.

I had hit my goal of 175 the day before the wedding; it took me almost 3 months to shed those 10 lbs but only took two weeks to gain half of that back. Oh the joys of life.

I wouldn’t say that I’m back to my previous intensity however I’m back in black!

The color black signifies nothingness, sorrow, mourning. Odd words to put in a health blog, I know. But let’s put it this way, I’m back in black because there is nothing to lose. I have sorrow for tomorrow because I am going to attack it with all that I have. And I am mourning the loss of my current self because my future self will only become better than it was the day before.

With marriage comes responsibility. With marriage comes a new life.

I have a responsibility now not only to be better for myself but also to be better for my wife and our future family.

My new life is here and I’m excited to see how I will grow.

Onward and upward!!!