Sopping Wet

Hello again!

The world has been thrown a huge curveball. Weather has always been a conundrum- I think I remember hearing that meteorologists are only correct 60% of the time. Well, fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner here in Vancouver. I realize that our weather is fairly mind and is definitely more desirable than what is going on in the eastcoast, but I can never get used to this Vancouver weather.

I mean I am used to seeing it, but I am not used to living in it. Most of my interaction with the weather during the fall and winter months occurs with the ever-friendly shield of the glass on my windshield and cozy warmth of my car’s heater. However, this year I have ventured out more due to my interest in running. Let me tell you, a small drizzle in your face for 30 minutes straight is not that pleasant haha. I know there is a lot of technology put into training gear but I always end up sopping wet! I don’t mind it so much on my clothing but after this one run it seemed as if I was surely to develop a case of trench foot! My runners are quite breathable and as you know breathability does not really translate much to protection from the elements. My shoes are great don’t get me wrong but are there any solutions other than striding over huge puddles?

I hate being sopping wet.

Onward and upward!


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