Life is like…a coffee shop???

Hey guys,

On my days off right now and I am sitting here at a coffee shop. Yes, it is THE big coffee shop-rhymes with marlucks! I am sitting here, yet again, for the second straight week as I wait for my wife to finish up with a conference.

I don’t know what it is but there is something about going to a coffee shop that is much more fulfilling than simply staying at home with a cup of joe. I have always been a fan of people watching; I often tell my wife that it is my favourite past time. I suppose my appreciation can be lent to that chain of thought. However, I think there’s something else.

A few days ago I recall posting something on Facebook stating that “killing time” was an art form. An art form that requires patience and practice. I come from a job that is fairly face paced-I am a nurse-and it’s an environment that is ever changing, it requires strong adaptation skills. On my days off, I sometimes find it hard to wind down. I sit at home and feel bored. Sure, I sleep in sometimes but my days feel almost empty at home. After the ho-hum of a week’s end of laundry, nightly dishes, and countless facebook checks, what’s left?

For me, seeing people out and about at coffee shops gets my mind going. I must admit, I eavesdrop quite a bit. In fact, I am doing it as I type. I gather ideas about city events, good music, delicious restaurants. Coffee shops are my second social network. While here, I connect with the world via news updates, emailing, and connect with people with small talk-“Crazy weather, eh?”, “What did you think about last night’s game?”, “Lakers? or fakers?”..

These small interactions can be viewed as meaningless, but they carry a lot of weight in my books. Every interaction throughout the day can greatly effect the next. Smile, laugh, and live. Interact, think, and react. Listen, appreciate, and speak your mind.

Life is like a coffee shop. Full of choices that you’re responsible for. Full of interactions. And sometimes what you get, makes you you feel “shitty”. But when this happens remember there’s another day ahead. Press refresh. Reload. Start a new page.

Onward and upward.


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