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My first 5 Miler

Naturally, since I’ve started running I have slowly tried to increase my mileage. I didn’t really have a set program nor did I actively aim for certain goals each time I ran. Sure, I would try to run as long as I could but that was about it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I was running without a rhyme or reason, but I didn’t follow anything strictly.

Yesterday, I experienced my first real “Runner’s High”. Today, I jumped on that positive feeling and decided to do an extra run; I went to the gym earlier in the morning and did my warm up cardio. I thought my second run of the day would be a short run-my usual mile or two. But surprisingly it turned into my “long(est) run’ to date-a 5.25 miler. Needless to say I was quite happy. My legs didn’t feel too tired, and again I only stopped because of time constraints-this time I had yet to eat dinner and it was getting late. Actually, I am writing this post while making dinner-it’s currently 10pm! For my last few runs I have been using the Saucony Hattori’s and for this long run I decided to switch back to an old friend-the Asics Nimbus 12. My strategy of using the Hattori more for foot strengthening is working I think because today’s run felt almost effortless.

I guess you can say I am a perfectionist and once I get my mind on something, I usually set out to do and perform at that specific duty or thing to the best of my abilities. I have found that I am constantly reading forums and blogs about running and slowly I have been picking up and trying out new things to enhance my running. It started with switching my form to forefoot striking and today I focused more on my breathing; I used my diaphragm more and tried to time my breathing with my strides in a 2:2 ratio (inhale for two strides and exhale for two strides). These things I have implemented have worked great and I think my run today has benefited as a result.

I hope to set out and run tomorrow for a longer time. We will see what happens.

Onward an upward!


Runner’s High

I have heard about it. I have read about it. But, I have never really felt it before…until my last run yesterday. It’s called the “runner’s high”

People have desribed it as an overwhelming sense of joy while on a run. A sense of worth. A getting to know yourself. I felt all of the above on my short run. After a 12 hour day shift (I am an RN and we work long 12 hour shifts), I decided to go to the gym for a recovery run. I must admit, I did not feel like going to the gym but I really had nothing better to do, so why not? I am so glad that I decided to go because I finally experienced my very first Runners High.

I can’t really describe it but it happend around the half way point in my run. I felt sluggish for the first 5 minutes, which I usually do, but after that, I felt energized and felt alive. It may sound corny or cliche, but I knew then that making healthy life choices were worth it.

I used to play competitiive basketball at the college level. I used to hate running drills. Mainly because running drills used to be a sort of punishmment for not making the right play, or having a teammate show up late for practice. It was hell for me to run “suicides” and wind sprints. I did like track and field, and was pretty good at it. I was a sprinter, which correlated well with “Basketball Running”. But I never reallly loved running.

This past May I went for my bachelor party in Vegas with my groomsmen. They are all quite healthy and fit, and I, like many ex-athletes, had that mindset of…”I can get back in shape anytime I want” and “I’m still fit”. However, I noticed how unfit I looked after seeing a poolside picture of the “five studs”. It was more like four studs and the token porky friend. Unfortunately, I was that porky friend. After seeing that picture, I knew that I had to change something in my life.

Luckily, one of my close friends, and one of the “studs” in that very picture, is a personal trainer. He devsed a 12 week workout program for me to shape up before the big wedding day. I started off slow but as I eased in to the program, I became infatuated with working out and living a healthy life.

Back to my runners high. So, I am currently in the tail end of my sixth week of my 12 week program (the half way point). I did cardio on my off days and for warm up but lately, I have seen myself wanting to run more and more. So yesterday, that ever so elusive “Runners’s High” came into my life. Like I said, I felt alive. I really wanted to run forever. My run was only all of 30 minutes, but it felt amazing. If it wasn’t for my loving fiancee’s delicious home cooked meal that was waiting for me at home, I would have ran for much longer.

I hope that in the weeks to come I get the opportunity to feel the excitement and joy I felt yesterday more and more. I believe that, with time, I will become a runner’s aficianado.

Onward and Upward!

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The day after with the Hattori

So, yesterday was my first run in the Saucony Hattori. Great feeling shoe. Snug fit; the fit is much like a sock or an aqua sock. I was able to “squeeze” in to my normal size 10 for running shoes. During my run, I decided to go barefoot in them as they are “barefoot” shoes. I do not normally run in my running shoes barefoot but I decided to give it a try anyways. What a revelation! The fit of the shoes, the reaction from toe off was quick. These shoes were super responsive during my run. I ran about 2 miles without any issues, however, just past the 2 mile point I developed some irritation along my achilles on my left side. I had to readjust a few times but finally I had to pull the heel tab down to avoid the rubbing I was feeling. The run was generally really good. I usually do not run for any great distances. In fact, my longest run to date was about 3-4 miles. If it wasn’t for the blister on my achilles that developed I think I could have run for over 5 miles.

I think next time I will run with thin socks when using the Saucony Hattori’s. Things are looking up in my very first venture into minimalist/barefoot running. I was warned that my calves would be sore and trust me they weren’t lying. They are tight but in a good way. I think they’ll get stronger overtime. I have been running with very plush cushioning shoes and because of this I think my legs have been somewhat spoiled!

I plan to use the Hattori’s more of a tool to strengthen my feet. I love the feel of my Nimbus and will not give up on them ever.

Upward and onward!!!


Just started running again about a month and a half ago. I have bought a number of shoes in that same time period and would love to talk about them.

I started with the Nike vomero 6s and asics nimbus 11s. Though they are in the same category of shoe type they feel quite different. The vomeros cushioning feels more cushy but bouncy at the same time. The nimbus feels more consistent as it is a former but very comfortable ride.

Both shoes are amazing so I wanted to get a few more pairs. I love the vomero but found them too cushy feeling. I liked the firmness and feel if the nimbus.

So I ventured off to find more nimbus 11s. Unfortunately, they had been discontinued at my local running stores. However I had the luck to get the nimbus 12s for a great price. Picked up 2 pairs and a pair of Saucony Triumph 8s. The nimbus 12s are even more amazing than the previous iteration. A better feel in all; it is more snug in the forefoot and toe box and the heel feels more secure. The gel in the 12s are activated quicker; the 11s took awhile to feel good. The triumphs have a smaller heel to toe drop but feel great as well.

In all I love all my shoes and how they have unique characteristics and feel that I love.

I will be blogging more about each shoe specifically as I gain more miles in each.

Cheers for now.